Should You or Shouldn’t You Stream Movies Online?

It used to be that streaming movies and downloading MP3s are illegal. Sites like MegaUpload were taken down for enabling people to pirate content they don’t personally or legally own. However, thanks to services like Apple’s iTunes and the streaming content of Netflix and Hulu, streaming movies have entered the mainstream. The thing about putlockers2 is that they skirt the edge of legality. It’s legal to be a digital media file host. However, because pirates can use such places to conduct digital piracy of copyrighted content from television and film, organizations like RIAA and MPAA tend to take aim on sites like Put Locker and Pirate Bay. Or by having ISPs block the IPs of known copyright infringers and torrent downloaders.

Online Streaming Has Piracy Roots

The convenience and freeness of online streaming has roots in piracy. For the longest time, the MPAA and RIAA have been working hard to prevent digital piracy from spreading, with mixed results. They’ve taken down sites like Napster, One Manga, and Mega Upload. Many other pirating sites and torrent sites are following suit, as in the case of Pirate Bay and even Put Locker. They were specifically afraid that if customers can get something for free, then they’re never willing to pay for it.

Pirating content is easier to do than buying DVDs or watching shows on TV. The DVD Era also created demand for marathoning or binge-watching multi-season shows. This is something you can also do when streaming content. At any rate, thanks to Apple and iTunes, they’ve proven that customers are willing to pay for streaming content they can otherwise get for free by piracy. Customers aren’t that heartless.

While piracy and the black market will remain rampant as long as production exists, it’s encouraging to know that as long as you’re able to offer exclusives, people will pay for content that’s downloadable or streamable. What’s more, fans of shows and movies want to support the makers of these series and films with money. They’re willing to vote with their wallet if required.


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