watch now you see me 2 If You Can – Not Your Regular Heist Movie

all love heist movies and how (if and when) the protagonists shall pull off their plan and beat all odds. Whether in the tradition of the “Ocean’s” team or that (unfortunate) tandem of “Bonnie and Clyde”, we are hooked on the film from beginning to end as we watch the drama, adventure and comedy unfold. What is a heist thriller without all possible shades of comedy anyway?

Adding Some Magic

When you watch now you see me 2 – you are sure to relive the excitement of watching a heist adventure but this time with a twist as the protagonists also use actual tricks as in magic and illusionism methods. This can only mean double fun!


What makes this movie great?


  • Suave looking and talented cast headed by Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson for the part of the adventurers.
  • The chasers are led by Mark Rufallo and veteran actor Morgan Freeman.
  • The plot screams for cool and hits the mark for thrills – with tricks, illusions and magic.


From Start to End


If you are a fan of TV series marked by heists and chases, this film seems to be that touchstone of an awesome season neatly wrapped in one movie, all yours for the taking in one sitting. The drama and laughs unfold, with wit coming from all sides. The witty exchanges give you the comic breather amidst the suspense. The actual catch and chase come fully loaded in this film creation, you will not be left wanting for more action. The suspense and mysterious elements are all staged in grandiose fashion, enough to make every scene gripping ‘til the end. The script plus plot and the music plus camera anglings only showcase a stellar production that offers a heist movie adventure you can watch again and again for all the elements it offers – from laughs to grips on your seats.


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